27th november to 7th december 2019

Prize list of Hura Tapairu 2018

Hura Tapairu Manihini prize :

1st prize :TE PURA O TE RAHURA’A

2ndprize :TE RAHITI NUI

3rd prize :MANUIA

Hura tapairu prize :

1st prize :MANOHIVA 

2ndprize :HITIREVA ‘AITO 


Mehura prize :

1st prize : VAHEANA 


3rd prize: HIA’AI 

4th prize : TOA MATAROA 

 ‘Aparima category :

1st prize – MANOHIVA 

2ndprize – IA ORA TE HURA 

3rd prize – HITIREVA ‘AITO

 ‘Ötea category:

1st prize: HITIREVA ‘AITO de Kehaulany Chanquy

2ndprize: MANOHIVA de Poerava Taea

3rd prize: HITREVA TAPAIRU de Kehaulany Chanquy

Pahu Nui category:

1st prize: TOA MATAROA de Toanui Mahinui

2ndprize: MANOHIVA de Poerava Taea

3rd prize: IA ORA TE HURA de Poerani Germain

No prizes were awarded for the duets ‘öte’a’ äpipiti because participating groups was not enough.

For the duets ‘aparima’ äpipiti the jury members unanimously decided not to award this prize.

Special prize:

Vaihere Pohue Cadousteauauthor of the theme of Manahau

HURA TINIfor their elegance and the presence of their dancers

Banque de Polynésie prize reward the quality of the musical composition of the group IA ORA TE HURA.

Jury of Hura Tapairu 2018

Vanina Ehu

Chairman - jury member

Poemoana Teriinohorai

jury member

Fabien Mara Dinard

jury member

Matani Kainuku

jury member

Moana'ura Tehei'ura

jury member

Teraurii Piritua

jury member